creative lenna

By creativelenna

a wee lassie for me!

yes, my own little lightweight boat I will sit in kayak style and paddle on the river with one of Steven's lightweight hand painted paddles, shoo whee! Another view and a few more photos are here.

My husband Steven is doing this work on an unfinished canoe hull he purchased. He has now added the boat gunnels, decks and a hand shaped thwart. He is fiber glassing the entire canoe too, which is yet to be done inside and outside of the boat in this photo -he says it is really gorgeous now! But it still looks beautiful here I think and the best part is that he is finishing it for my use! He did the moon and star design on the bow deck himself and also used a bit of my dad's treasured wood (black walnut) for the thwart and decks, plus cherry on the gunnels : ) More to come as this is an in-progress shot . . .

You can never plan the future by the past.
~ Edmund Burke

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