By FotoAlex

Bruno on a slide

We went to a dog-friendly craft beverage festival in Frostburg today. We brought Bruno along. Everyone thought he was so cute. He got to meet more people here than he has in his life. By the end of it, he was beat.

Jill put him on this slide about halfway through our time at the fest. He didn't seem to like it, but he also didn't hate it. We made him go down twice.

We found some really nice Maryland-based beers and other alcoholic drinks. We tried several tastings and Jill bought a few cans and a bottle. They all ship around the state, so we can order online if we really like them.

It was a nice festival. I was surprised at how busy it was. I hope it returns next year.

In extras are some girls who are amazed at Bruno's cuteness.

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