Sarum Morris celebrate the onset of May Day by dancing on the outer rampart of Old Sarum at 5.45 a.m. this morning.

Just sent a copy to Salisbury Journal and my contact in the group, Graham.

Found the only way I could guarantee getting there in time was to stay up all night and walk up in good time. Old Sarum is nearly two miles from my flat, usually uphill! A frost actually got harder as we got on, with coffee, thermals, hats and mittens.

Dancing in groups in the carpark and then, as the orange orb of rising sun penetrated the horizon, they assembled on the rampart, as promised.

For these, I used the Sigma EX 70-200mm f2.8, supported on a monopod, some distance away and literally clicked away on low 'drive', as I had no idea what routine they were doing, when or where! We felt, over a huge big fry-up breakfast at one of their houses after, that this grouping worked rather nicely.

Bedtime now, after having been up nearly 24 hours! But what a morning - what a fab result (though I say it myself).

Music (broken links up to now, hope this works! - thanks Phil) can only be Spyro Gyra's 'Morning Dance'

Don't forget to look in LARGE

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