By bgleyna

Clouds Above and Below!

David drove (and I rode) a long way again today, but the the scenery was pretty spectacular driving through the Massive Central and then the Pyrenees. We stopped at a little artisanal shop high up in the mountains as we were coming out of Milleu and purchased some goodies. Thyme syrup was one of them. You can make a cold drink or a hot tea from it. It is supposed to be very good for your health.
I took this photo of the curious phenomenon of having clouds below as as we rose above them into the sunshine.

We arrived at our campsite in Sitges, where we will get to slow down a bit now as we will be here for 7 nights!!
It has a swimming pool which we enjoyed cooling down in followed by caipirinhas and I had a pizza, David had fresh fish and we shared a salad.
Very tired now and ready for bed. Hope it cools down a bit as it’s difficult to sleep with very little breeze coming in.
This new campervan has AC but only when we are driving, not at night! We need to get a fan!

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