Beautiful day

Father’s Day today and the boys made Martin a yummy bacon and eggs breakfast. The BBQ gift is a dream and Martin was very happy. And now we have a cute little bbq we can take anywhere.

We were so grateful that we didn’t have any more rain. We hung out in the reception area enjoying coffee and cakes, and just chilling.

We knew there was much to pack up so bracing ourselves for that.

A bit sad to leave the campsite as the weather was so perfect. I didn’t even have time to check out the billabong.. so I suppose we’ll have to come back.

Jon and Ben left in the morning as Ben had to work. Martin and I hung around a bit with the rest of the family and gradually teared (or is it tore) down.

We put most things away at home before going to collect Bella and Monty. They have been well loved and looked after by Kate and David.

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