A day in the life

By Shelling


Some of the cows are in mourning, they call out for their calves but get no answer. They've been together for over five months but yesterday the bull-calves was fetched by a truck to spend their life at another breeder who keeps them for some time, I don't have any details but I'll find out through my landlord who breeds them from scratch. It's heartbreaking to listen to them though, they call, in their way, and goes around looking for them everywhere. My landlord says they will go on for a couple of days and then stop. Is that the length of a cows memory, two days?

I've been outdoors all day, learning new carpentry things, like how to put a window in the wall of the shed. And clearing up space, putting things on shelves and so on, it's starting to look like the useable space I wanted.

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