One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Exciting news

Luca got his first choice of course!* Pure History (he's a purist...), in Trinity (he's a proddy). 
It is going to be intense but it is also going to be exciting (at first at least) and stimulating (I hope). 
The boy has done well. The boy has done really well. 

In other less exciting but much heralded news, poor old Queen Lizzy was reunited with her tall, sarcastic, Greek prince today. Say what you want but no amount of castles, and antiques, and crowns, and diamonds, and thoroughbred horses, and loyal corgies, and Range Rovers, and fine dining can make up for the fact that her life was one long, extremely long, boring, extremely boring series of official engagements. Soul-sapping speeches, and kids with bouquets of flowers, and choirs, and emotional commoners worrying about the quality of their curtsying, and the shaggin smell of fresh paint everywhere you go, and people always so excited to see you, and you always having to pretend that it is all special and marvellous. The poor old thing must have been dying inside from the boredom. 
I wonder if there'll be a holographic image of her waving from the hearse during the state funeral. Or perhaps this would be in bad taste. I'm just trying  to think of ways to get some mileage out of the Queen-Hologram-Machine that was procured at great expense for the recent jubilee. To get value for money for the UK taxpayers you see. 

* The intended meaning was that he got the course he wanted most, not that it was no surprise at all that he got it.

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