Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


G had a painting session with her 4get-me-not group in Mirdif, so I drove her to it and called in at friend Shabnam's, who lives nearby. Last weekend, we bought a case of VC on offer, and I finally delivered her part of it. 

That done, I collected G, and as we were out and about, we drove around the old part of Deira - Union Square and Baniyas Road. G had spotted the flags flying at half mast, so I wanted to capture that. The building in my blip (taken by G) is Dubai Municipality which was opened by Queen Elizabeth when she visited in February 1979. The UAE has declared three days of mourning, so flags on public buildings are flying at half-mast. I hope to get a close-up shot of the plaque over the next few weeks.

We also drove past the British Embassy and were perplexed as to why the flag there wasn't at half-mast. Watching BBC World later revealed why.

Home for the rest of the day. I managed to start and finish a video in a couple of hours (a first). It's been fascinating watching the ancient/traditional ceremonies of proclamation etc. So orderly and colourful!

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