What I've Done

By JohnGravett

What the papers say

Blip has always been a showcase for fine photos, but also a journal of ones life. Of significant events, moments, and history. Our Queen passed away yesterday, but I posted a view of peace and tranquility. Today I simply had to post some of the historical front pages. It's also the first newspaper I have bought in many years, normally getting my news from the TV or the internet. So a significant moment in two ways.

I acknowledge the copyright of the photographs on the newspapers as that of the photographers.

I also post an extra - when I woke up this morning, there looked to be mist hanging over Bassenthwaite Lake - it actually was more between the folds of the mountains - by the time I reached the same location as I visited on Tuesday, there was no mist over the lake - just a little in the distance behind the tree.  Interesting to compare the water levels over the three days - we've had a bit of rain, and the lake level is certainly a few inches higher.

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