Bee in the sun

A lovely day today. A shame I had to be at work... After work we went to a local supermarket to buy some French stuff they had in stock as part of a special - only they didn't have what we wanted left ;-( My better half was most disappointed.

As we arrived home a little earlier than usual I had plenty of light to go looking for something interesting in the garden to capture. The bumble bees were buzzing about - but too fast to get a decent picture. There was a nice bee-fly but it disturbed it and it didn't come back. I got a few daisy shots but settled on this resting solitary bee of some sorts. I think it's a Andrena species, possibly Andrena flavipes Panzer, but there are thousands of species in the genus so I could easily be wrong...!

Aside: I didn't get the Powershot S110 yesterday, it had gone up 10% at Amazon and while the silver version is cheaper I don't think I like it enough to buy it...

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