Spring Blossom

Today I felt like a lemon. Yesterday I was working on some code and I couldn't get it to work, even though I was convinced it was a good design. This morning I looked at it again and I couldn't see anything wrong with it but it didn't work. My problem is that I have dyslexia so code that is syntactically correct but logically gibberish because of typo I have trouble seeing. Eventually I spotted the typo - and did I feel foolish. Anyhow it now works well and I'm quite pleased with the design, it's elegant and works well so I'm happy.

On the way to the pool after work I looked around for a few things to blip. There was a nice tree covered with white blossom, but the wind spoilt that blip. This one is an unknown bush/tree we have a work. It's not the best blossom but the light has caught it well and I like it.

Aside: I've been thinking of getting a new camera for some time, something better than my Powershot A480 and not as bulky as my EOS 60D. I really fancy a Powershot G15 but that's too big for what I want. I think I've settled on a Powershot S110. It's got decent optics but it's small enough to take on a biking holiday - where space is at a premium. I've also been planning to buy a new computer and I've decided to order my new computer too - but at a lower spec than I originally planned so I can buy the camera with the saving.

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