Cosmopolitan Chloe

While I was finishing my session at Tae Kwon Do tonight Roz went to the airport to pick up Sam and Chloe. They had been down in London for a whirlwind visit this weekend. Chloe had apparently been doing some serious shopping. She got a new bag which she is modelling here, loads of stuff from the Sylvanian families shop, toys from Hamleys and I think some bits and pieces from Harrods. She bought so much they had to leave some with her mum to bring up when she finishes the job she's working on down there as they'd never have got it all on the plane.

In between all that shopping they fitted in museums and galleries and she even introduced her parents to the delights of Wagamama. She's a seasoned Waga veteran having been to the Livi one with us but her folks had never been.

Now she's back she's decided to stay at ours tonight.

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