I like to keep them on their toes - it's in their best interests.

I had a lovely outing to Saltaire with Sarah today and we enjoyed three art exhibitions, one with paintings from a fellow we used to be in the Leeds Mountaineering Club with which was a nice surprise, although he wasn't there. It was a fine excuse for tea and cake too.

We caught up with T&P in the evening - very easy to just pick up where we left off with them even though it was way too long ago that we got together.  

The way home wasn't without incident.  The rain was lashing down so I was driving slowly through Silsden and spotted a small shadow crossing the high street.  A car hit it coming the other way and I realised it was a duck.  A bit of quick action and the hazard lights were on and I was out of the car scooping him up in my spare top from the middle of the road.  He was stunned but we couldn't tell if he was injured.  The problem now was my phone was in the pocket of the top he was scooped up in!  We stopped at the vets on the way home and the night duty vet took him in. He seemed to be able to flap both wings  and wiggle his orange flippers so we're hopeful he's going to be OK.

Little Dog was miffed that not only had we been out without her, met another dog and were late home, but we also smelt distinctly of fresh duck.

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