By BGCoffee

Almost Lost Leyna In Barcelona

So many photos to choose from, and so 2 extras today.  We had earmarked our last full day in Sitges for a trip on the train to Barcelona.  Its a remarkable city as many European cities are and we didn't have a long time there, but I tend to enjoy experiencing the city and the life that goes, people watching, masses of scooters lined up on the roads, buskers spontaneously starting up on the train ride in, restaurants galore, smells, and then of course a couple of stunning highlights to cap it off.  So here is Leyna with one of the street artists - not a living statue but incredibly impressive costume and presence - felt like we were in a fantasy film.  All the train and metro rides went smoothly and we enjoyed Placa De Catalunya and the walk down La Rambla off which we had a very nice lunch in a 300 year old restaurant with pictures of famous people from Picasso to Jim Morrison.  Went for a last swim in the lovely pool at the campsite for the last time as we facetimed with Jamie in DFW.  Then was able to stream the Liverpool game while texting LV - both enjoying a much needed win against Ajax.  Also booked a site in Hereford where we will meet up and see the sites in his new venue.  Extras of Sagrada Familia - difficult to take anything decent with all the cranes and a last view of Sitges itself which has been a really great place to stay in.

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