La vida de Annie

By Annie

En la montaña.

As it was overcast today, though still 32 degrees with 92% humidity, we decided to drive up the mountain, take in the views, and light a candle or two in the church for the Queen. Unfortunately all the wretched tourists, who were at a loose end because they mistakenly believed cloudy skies meant no sunbathing opportunities, had flocked up there just to see (probably the cafe and the gift shop more than anything else). Every parking space, including those for buses only, and every bit of garden, was parked on, so we just stopped for a few seconds for me to take this panorama on my phone, pointing well away from the masses taking selfies. As we left, a huge coach appeared and began a Mexican standoff with half a dozen cars. As the coach was unable to turn round, I guess it won. Halfway down the very twisty hairpin-bend road we managed to park on a car-sized bit of rocky ground, where I took the panorama in extras while all the displaced cars roared past. I so want the tourist season to end so we can reclaim the island for us, the dogs, and that special peace it has without people despoiling it. The pandemic was wonderful for that; nothing but birdsong and thriving flora and fauna all year long, and not a chemtrail to be seen. Paradise. It's so wonderful here that everyone wants to come on holiday, meaning the wonder is lost. Rant over.

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