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I left home today for a three day business trip. As I was passing through an elevated walkway in the airport, I looked down and noticed this airplane. It is a small regional jet which is commonly used for short flights. I was very surprised by the notation on the fuselage.

Okay, I understand and appreciate airlines being pro-active about safety, but suggesting where to cut hole seems prepostorous. If the airplane crashes, are the rescuers really only going to restrict their cutting to the pretty red box? I don't think so. Also, I thought that emergency exits were used to escape. Now are they suggesting that a hole be cut for an additional exit? Perhaps, they will issue can openers to passengers to aid in the cutting? Finally, if cutting is really so important why do they only have these instructions on these piddly regional jets? I find this concept really confusing and vaguely disturbing. Has anyone else seen this?

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