Abstract Thursday

Lines is the abstract  suggestion for this week. And I have chosen my suitcase, that I have almost packed for a weekend away, near Abingdon, with some lovely ex W.R.A.C. Provost ladies, (a couple of hubbies included), to celebrate a very special lady, who is now a Chelsea Pensioner, and will be celebrating her 90th Birthday very soon. And whom we have all served with at one time or another.

So car is ready to go, camera kit is almost packed. I am way behind on your blips but hope to catch up this evening.

 I am popping in to my fitness class in the morning go get weighed, as Wendy will have the scales that do the works, so I will find out  (do I really want to know) how much my body fat has increased, I am being a realist, in the last 2 years!

Thank you for dropping by and for your comments and rewards. not sure if I will be able to blip, but I am taking my camera kit,. All much appreciated.

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