By chantler63

Looking Down the Mall

As this is a 'once in a lifetime' occasion, I decided I would head into London today to soak up some atmosphere.  Trains were no problem at all - not especially busy or crowded, but there were many crowds around Buckingham Palace and, of course, queuing for the Lying in State.  The queue for this had to be seen to be believed - it just went on and on and on and...... five miles in total. I followed it round to Tate Modern but I know there were another couple of miles beyond that to Southwark Park; those in the queue were expecting to wait for 13 hours, shuffling along, which is a real test of endurance. Plenty of opportunities for food and toilets - I think every portaloo in the UK is in London at the moment! 

The whole area is alive with security and police presence but it must be a security nightmare.  Extras of flowers in Green Park and the queue in front of Tate Modern with another 3 miles ahead of them!

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