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International Blipmeet!

Our friend Mandy is in the US, from the UK, on Cape Cod for business. We were lucky enough to see her for dinner here tonight with her charming workmate, Ryan. She and I think this is  amazingly our 6th time meeting. Mandy's lovely dog Maud drew me to her blip years ago. She seemed like someone I would love to meet, but never expected to. Unbelievably, her job required her to travel from Plymouth England to Plymouth Massachusetts for an international theatre project, part of the Plymouth USA 400th Anniversary celebration in 2020. Needless to say, the pandemic threw a wrench in those plans. The celebration has been reworked and will be taking place next spring. So, there is a chance we can get together again. We all had a fun catch up and loved meeting Ryan. The chipmunks entertained on the patio ! We caught up on happenings since 2019 when we last saw her in Plymouth just weeks before the Pandemic put us all in suspended animation. It was a really nice to be together again thanks to the magic of blipfoto.

Extra  2020 blipmeet

For the Record,
This day came in sunny and delightfully cool.

All hands happy.

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