Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Brimstone butterfly

Today has been very beautiful (though I am wearing a jumper for the first time since spring).  Blue skies, fluffy clouds and a gentle breeze.  So of course it seemed like a butterfly day.  I had thought of going to Lymington, which I've completely deserted this summer, but in the end didn't have the energy so I caught a bus up the hill to see what I could find.

The answer is, not a lot - and rather few flowers for butterflies to feed on.  A small number of field scabious, which is what you're seeing here, together with some yellow blobs of hawkbit.  Apart from that, there were tiny small amounts of marjoram and very occasional bellflowers.

For butterflies, there were meadow browns low in the grass, ditto a few scrubby blues, but I did see this beautiful newly hatched female brimstone, so here she is.

Thank you all for your lovely comments, hearts and stars yesterday.  And have a happy Saturday evening/Sunday morning  xx

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