Swan Parade

We returned to Display Pool for our walk this afternoon. The A6 was congested by traffic queues in both directions at the Persimmon works. The temporary traffic lights had broken down.

The weather was more lowering than yesterday with dark clouds and just a spatter of rain. See extra for the clouds. Basil was able to romp on the playing fields. Instead of circling the pool, we took the path to the river, where he didn't have to be on a lead. But finally, we had to take the north path by the pool to return to the car, sitting on the iron bench at one end. 

The clouds had cleared, a little, with blue sky. A family of swans, cob, pen and five cygnets made a stately progress on the other side. The two juvenile grebes looked to be independent of their parent. Not like it was at Nanpantan once where they cheeped interminably until the end of September and eventually, the parents flew off.

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