A day in the life

By Shelling

Shapes of water

It's been a while since I had any work in the theatre, I'm only an extra, called in when needed which feels good. My rather cheap way of living makes it possible to actually survive on my pension and that means I don't have to look for extra work here and there, they produce an extra bonus income that allows for a meal out or a luxury cake at the café sometimes. Besides, working at the theatre as an audience-host, as it's called, gets me in touch with the cultural life in a way I otherwise probably wouldn't, or couldn't afford.
I was late for work and was hurrying past the old water tower and  completely forgot that the bridge between me and the hole in the gate on the other side, was closed for maintenance in the next six months. That meant a rather long detour over another bridge before I got to the theatre, the white building you can glimpse through the trees to the right, -and I needed a pee desperately. Not a good start of my way to work. 
Once inside the theatre doors though, I can take it easy, no rush, theres plenty of time to finish the jobs I have to do, it's more a matter of not wanting to be late, no one else cares much about if I'm ten minutes late or not
It was a lovely play by the way. 

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