A fun Twinsday

It was unexpectedly warm this afternoon and the boys were eager to go out into the backyard, so we all spent some time out there. Sam and Max kept asking to "go on an adventure," so Manda and Andrew took them for short walks around the garden.  At one point Andrew spotted a dead squirrel near the boys' playground, but fortunately he was able to steer them away before they saw it. Here you see them having fun with Manda's sunglasses. There was a lot of laughing today.

The wooden train tracks and train cars had been put out for them, but the boys weren't much interested in using the track, except briefly (see Extra.) But they collected the train cars and carried them around the house.  Each of them successfully used the potty, although Max objected mightily.  Poor Sam had an accident and since there wasn't another pair of pants he spent the rest of the evening in a diaper.  He was not happy about that. Next time Manda will make sure there are some back-up clothes in the pack.

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