The second half of life..

By twigs


Another great day with sunshine,  gardening and relaxation.  Just one negative on the day........ finding not one but two small piles of feathers in the garden. On close inspection I found they were only little feet, no blood, no evidence of anything except an attempt to play catch-and-play with what was probably one of my local blackbirds.  It looked like the bird had made a bit of a getaway from the first capture only to be caught again hence the 2 areas of feathers.  If my detective work is correct,  the bird did escape.........I only hope the shock wasn't too much for it.   Provided it survived,  it would have had a pretty cool night last night having lost so many feathers, poor thing.  I didn't speak to Minnie all day and she had to wait until w-a-y past her normal tea time to be fed. 

It felt totally wrong to blip the feather evidence so instead is a random storage box that I'm considering buying for Gerty to upgrade what's attached at the moment. 

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