By Flossmo


I spent this morning, like hundreds of millions of other people, watching the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. It was quite magnificent, a spectacle like no other. I especially appreciated the choral singing of some modern works and the marching music that accompanied the journey of the coffin from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch. Hats off to all who took part, it must have been an ordeal for everyone with organisational and security responsibility - there were a myriad opportunities for something to go wrong. Hats off, too, to the pall bearers they performed their duties impeccably.

This afternoon I went for a longish walk with two friends. It was good to get out into the fresh air and get some exercise. By some curious chance on my walk I found a 1930 halfpenny.  The blip is a photograph of the current King's great grandfather, George V, on the face of the coin. The coin must have been lost on the pathway years ago and been brought to light by the heavy rain we had some days ago. It is going to take a while to get used to referring to Charles as the King. I'm sure I will eventually.    

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