By Adda

take the long way home...

went for a haircut today...and while I was waiting for my turn, I lay my hands on a rather boring fashion and lifestyle magazine. Flipping through the pages, I stumbled upon an article. It was about a TV show - Highway on my plate. That's one of my favourite shows on TV. It is about two real cool dudes hitchhiking across the length and breadth of the country, tasting the common man's food. They dont go to big fancy cities or upscale fancy restaurants. They stop at the local 'common man's food joints' - small, old yet locally popular eateries, street food stalls etc. They taste and talk about the local delicacies of the places they visit in a rather humourous and interesting manner. The article was written by one of the presenters of the show. He talked about his passions - food and travel and how he got into it. He wrote that for about a period of 4 years, he was doing nothing but traveling various parts of the country. In the end, he quoted a song - "take the long way home". It immediate struck a chord with me. I used to 'take the long way home' quite often when I was working at another city in south India and when I was in the US. Though the home was just 3-4 miles away from home, a much longer ride through the unknown streets was always a pleasure. I used to complement my rides with stoppages at the local food joints as well (that was my mini version of highway on the plate).

Dont get to do those anymore. The part of the city where I live in, doesn't inspire me enough to go on such rides.

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