Tiny Tuesday - Animal, Vegetable or Mineral

This reminded me of a shot from high above of a river system somewhere!
But no, its a macro shot of something much closer to the ground!! : )
Is it animal, vegetable or mineral?
I did mean to step back and get a shot of the whole thing but somehow that didn’t happen!

In extras are a couple of shots of two of my purple iris which have just appeared in the last few days.

Bad news today, one of the Willy wagtails has disappeared which leaves just one to do all the work : (
Not sure how he/she will handle it as the eggs have most likely hatched and she/he must keep them warm, feed them, feed herself and fight off any intruders eek!!  I feel like I should intervene somehow but sadly there is nothing really that I can do. Any suggestions?

Thanks to MaryElizaR for hosting.

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