Mollie had her first day at 'school' today, and her car also had its MOT. So I drove her to school, and Jon took her car, then I picked him up on my way back. Mollie was naturally a bit nervous, but when I picked her up later in the afternoon, she said the day had flown and she enjoyed her day. Her placement is local, and she will be there until Christmas. Lots to learn, but exciting and I am sure she will take it all in.

Work was work, and mainly phone calls. I am not going to go into the details.

Picked these in the garden at lunchtime. Coming to an end, but still a few toms to pick, and my second butternut squash. Not quite as yellow as the last though, so I hope it is ready.

Yoga straight from work, which is always relaxing, and jacket potatoes for dinner with every filling. A good Tuesday dinner, which cam cook while we are out!

Going to watch GBBO now, and may try to squeeze in last week's Doc Martin as we missed it.

Didn't tell you yesterday that I booked a camp site for 4 nights in mid October at Cannock Chase. Always good to have the next break booked and paid for!

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