There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Hummingbird Farewell Dance / Hello Stripes!

The seasons are on the cusp and big changes are in the air. Last week, we had two female hummingbirds left. By Sunday, it seemed like there was just this one. It rained and we did not see her until later in the day.

In the evening, the light turned lovely, and I decided to park myself by the deck door windows with my camera to enjoy the last bit of light with this little lady. The sun was right behind the feeder, and rain drops were puddled on top of the feeder. She was working her tongue so fast that I saw droplets FLYING.

At one point, I looked up, and she appeared to be dancing in the rain water on the feeder! Lifting her wings and moving, completely surrounded by light, water flying every which way. Dressed only in light, she was dancing in the puddles left by the rain. Then suddenly, she rose up, like a tiny spaceship, and disappeared into the sky.

We are not sure yet if she's gone but she has not put in any appearances at all since then. If this was our last visit, darling girl, it was so wonderful to have you here. I am glad I got to watch you dancing in the puddles left by the rain. Fly swift and strong, my tiny jewel, my winged warrior! We will look for you again next year!

Part one of this blip was a farewell story. Part two of this blip is a hello tale instead! Look in the extras to see who Tiny Tiger and my husband found on one of our milkweed plants: a small stripey monarch caterpillar. So farewell to our beautiful hummingbird. But hello to STRIPES, who is working toward becoming a butterfly!!!!

The soundtrack song can only be this one: the Beatles, with Hello, Goodbye.  And . . . I'm back later with a second song, for the dance. I could not decide between Donna Summer's Last Dance or Garth Brooks' The Dance, so here they BOTH are. Enjoy!

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