Yikes, This Water Has CLAWS!

We were at Buffalo Run Park, and my husband was off jogging while I strolled around the paths with my camera. There was a green shimmer on the water below the one little wooden bridge, and I was zooming in, doing that thing that I do, trying to SEE and capture the color and the shape of water.

I was getting some fun lines and color and motion, and I snapped maybe a dozen shots. But when I got home, hoo boy, I saw what I had gotten. Look in the center of the shot, and you will see at least one pair of CLAWS. There is possibly another set lower and to the right, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, it tickled me and as soon as I realized, I laughed myself silly. I had unintentionally captured a glimpse of life UNDER the water. Those claws belong to a crayfish, which is a sign that this is a healthy ecosystem. Hooray for the claws!

My soundtrack can only be this one: Under the Sea, from the Disney flick The Little Mermaid.

Also, I've had to post TWO blips today to catch up. So please don't miss the other one I posted this morning: 
Hummingbird Farewell Dance / Hello Stripes!

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