Blown in to Galway

By Neatwithice

It's raining

I slept badly - suffered with a lot of indigestion for no obvious reason.  

So I was slow to get going, but did get a couple of loads of washing out on the line.

Then a long afternoon, much of it spent listening to "canned musack" whilst cancelling the renewal of our UK car insurance, and finding an Irish insurance for what is still (for a short while) a UK registered car.  We will import the car, but that takes time, and my UK insurance was about to renew.  

Now sorted.

Brought the dry washing in, and 5 minutes later, when I had fetched the camera to take photos, it was raining!

Around the tarmac that featured yesterday are roses, which are flowering generously, despite a total lack of dead heading.  There are also brambles with ripe blackberries, and I think a blackthorn with a few ripe sloes.  

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