Recording a moment

By chrisf


An afternoon walk along the Kent Estuary from Arnside to Arnside Point.

A few weeks back we met a chap at Gait Barrows, who it turned out was checking a “Geotrails” booklet with a view to updating it. He told us about the Landscape Trust in this area, which we have now joined. And we’ve now got a few of the Geotrails booklets, which really are excellent. They cover the geology of the area, but also quite a bit of its history and it’s flora. We noted erratics, sinclines, dips and strikes, glacial grooves and folded beds. As well as birds on the estuary, the flora and a couple of typhoon fighter jets turning to practice low level flying through the Lakeland valleys.

It was low tide. The cyclist knew what he was doing we assumed. These sands and these waters really are treacherous.

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