By Maureen6002

Along the Watkin Path

Today’s our day for visiting G’s mum and as the A55 west is still gridlocked by roadworks, it’s a good excuse to detour via the wilds of Snowdonia. I’m feeling slightly delicate - and thanks so much for your good wishes - but know a gentle walk in the mountains will do me good. 

For sometime now, I’ve wanted to visit the Watkin Path waterfalls and pools. The Watkin Path’s a route up Snowdon we’re completely unfamiliar with - leading to steep scrambles at the top I’m now never likely to attempt. But at its start it’s a beautiful and gentle wooded climb along well-laid steps and paths out onto the lower slopes of Snowdon. 

The waterfalls are beautiful, falling through a narrow gorge and carving out crystal clear pools, ideal for swimming, though not surprisingly we don’t try them out today! 

Today’s grey skies don’t provide the ideal light conditions for us to see these magical pools at their best, and we have neither the time or - in my case - energy, to explore the area as we’d like.  Still, I’ve loved this chance to see the Watkin Pools at last, and we’ll return to do them justice. 

My main’s a view across one of the pools towards the hills and valleys beyond, with a collage of three other views in extras. 

Thanks to Steveng for hosting today’s Wide Wednesday! 

Still catching up, so comments may be brief or non-existent (I know they’re not expected) and of course, I just keep running out of hearts! 

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