Every Little Step

By moonfairy

Unexpected Visitor.

Today was our National Day of Mourning for the Queen.

Despite the fact it was a public holiday, some shops were open for a short while.

Alexandra had to go and get some shopping, but Isabella couldn't walk.  Due to the accident, she had yesterday.

Her foot is bruised but not too badly.

Anyway, she came to me for a couple of hours.

Whilst here she managed to eat an ice block, and some biscuits.  So, her appetite is alright.

I found her a Harry Potter book, her latest passion.

And she sorted through my knitted animals, for herself and Mia.  She chose a dog for herself and a cat for Mia.

We had a puzzle competition too.  We found two similar puzzles, both 45 pieces.  And had to see who would finish it first.

She won.

We also watched a couple of episodes of Bluey.

By the time her Mum got back, her foot seemed to have improved a bit.  And she was able to walk to the car.

I expect she'll be back to her normal self tomorrow.

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