By JeanSnaps


A wet and overcast start to the day.  Did some washing and set Roomba going upstairs while I had a good read.  I was going to go to the Ardross farm shop but decided I didn't need to.  Bought milk and eggs at the Pillars than went to Heatherhall Woods. Photographed a laden hawthorn then walked up the Rossie Drain hoping to find fungi and maybe some stag's horn fungus but there was nothing except some tiny growths on a rotting log and a sponge fungus . I was pleased to see it as I've never seen one before. Began to photograph and my camera battery ran out.  Wasn't bothered as I always carry a spare but lo and behold it had run out too.  Grrrrr.....     I walked back to the car expecting to find some magnificent fungi as I did so.  That's always the way.  But not this time, thank goodness.  Settled on the sofa with tea and toast  and a heat pad. I'd walked a bit too far.

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