Blown in to Galway

By Neatwithice

Some progress

Today has mainly been about stitching.

Punctuated by a trip to Loughrea to register with a GP.  This was a slightly surreal experience - as we walked through the door, the receptionist departed, clearly very upset about something.  We hung around for a few minutes, before the GP herself came out of her office to greet us - turned out the doctor who used to run the practice had died that morning - I think they were only open because they were waiting for us.  But despite the distressing circumstances, the doctor was incredibly welcoming and helpful - she printed out all 20 pages of the application form for a medical card - twice, as we both need to complete one.

She did a prescription for W there and then, transmitting it electronically to the pharmacy.

We then went to the pharmacy, where the pharmacist was also really helpful and accommodating, to pick up the medicines for W.  Whilst they were preparing it, we went to Aldi "for a few things".  Spent €72!  Aldi do "fat quarters" - good value and irresistible!

Then back home, where I made further progress.  All the piecing and quilting is done, I've trimmed off the excess wadding and backing, so there's just the binding to fasten on.  But W brought me a gin, so I decided to leave it, and finish it tomorrow morning.

In the photo, on the right you can see the fat quarters that I couldn't resist in Aldi.  You can also see three pairs of reading glasses - different strengths for different jobs.

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