Wound up in Wexford

By Neatwithice

Gender reveal - or not?

Our lovely neighbours S and K invited us to a gender reveal party this afternoon.

In the morning S and some of her Indian friends had celebrated a more traditional ceremony, a bit like a baby shower - we've seen photos.  But then they had a gender reveal party.  The only person who knew the sex of the baby was S's sister, who had been to the scan with her 3 weeks previously.  She's kept the secret to herself.

The cake did not reveal the gender - it was a red velvet cake, and we got to sample some later.  Then they burst a balloon - still no reveal.  Finally 2 plates of paint, the couple donned blindfolds, and S's sister guided K's hands into one plate.  And we all learnt the sex of the expected baby.

After all the excitement, I handed over the completed quilt (see extra) and we were treated to a lovely selection of Indian food.

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