By soozaday

If Not Now, Then When?

These abandoned water tanks on campus have been used as an impromptu art gallery for many many years. I have no idea who decides what gets painted or when, but the art will change at some point and new students will leave their marks. The colorful tanks are located at a crossroads of many trails for biking and hiking, and serve as a meeting place, snack stop and unique landmark. 

We were out for a walk with a geology group from the local museum, but it was proving to be too much for me with a lot of uphill trekking in the woods, so we decided to cut it short and go back home. Hah! then we figured we were close enough to the tanks to take a detour. Well, I ended up doing more hills than I probably would have done if we'd stayed with the group. It was a big huge deal for me to walk so far and so up, and now here I sit with sore legs, feeling somewhat proud of myself. I also made an apple pie.

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