Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

State Funeral


I am writing this journal exactly a week later, and there is still a lot of sadness about the passing of Queen Elizabeth. There was no public holiday here, and as it was Monday, we had to be out.

G's day at school finished by 9:45, but it was too early to get back home, so we (finally) went to the QE2. I had forgotten that this is where the British Embassy set up a place for people to bring their flowers. There were two books of condolence, and G & I were able to sign in them. I chatted with one of the staff from the Embassy who was on hand.

We were home in time to catch the dignitaries arriving for the state funeral in Westminster Abbey. We watched quietly, sad that the day has come to say goodbye but also amazed at how everything was so perfect. Even the weather! Those pallbearers were just incredible.

We had to stop to meet up with another friend who is passing through Dubai on her way to the UK. We had planned to have lunch, but it got postponed to dinner so we could watch the funeral.

Suguna took us to Biella, and we shopped in Carrefour before dropping her home. It's been a good but tiring and intense day.

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