fools challenge

By ladypop

Late summer cross stitch

A better day today with some sunshine.

This morning I went for a coffee to the local garden centre (I drove) had a cheese scone too.  Came home, took a cheese scone to another friend and then had lunch.  Drove to K's and did  some gardening and then home  where I did some more cutting down.  A and D came round as she was borrowing my car for work while hers was being repaired.  Went to drive off and it wouldn't engage.  Had to phone for a lift home and to tell her boss she couldn't work tomorrow.  Fortunately they have arranged a taxi for her.  I now have to phone to see if I can get my car fixed!  Oh well I did drive it for a day!
Out this evening to gardening club, fortunately I can walk there.  Didn't take  the camera out today so the nearest I could come to the challenge was the cross stitch that my mum did years ago!

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