By MsQuizzical

Dustbin Daddies*

My daughter, Frankie dog, Ollie dog and I had a lovely walk. On the way back we approached a stationary refuse lorry. I noticed the soles of a man's boots and it made me think of a famous image that I remember from childhood of a soldier lying flat taken from a low angle. His boots looked huge and his head between them tiny.

When we got to the truck the door of the cab was open and boots man commented on my lens. I told him and his mate of the image and asked if I could photograph him. He was fine about it as they were having a break that is mandatory for them so that their driver can have a rest. They were so friendly and we had a lovely chat with them. I told them how fortunate we are to have people like them dealing with our bins rather than an automatic system like the one in Canada that Dunnie has blipped. They seemed to be very happy in their work and they don't have to worry about whether they are getting their steps in. :) As we left, boots man's workmate said that it had given them a buzz talking to us. The feeling was mutual.

I've searched for a long time for that soldier image to no avail. :( I couldn't reproduce the effect as I had my long lens on. I'm guessing a wide angle lens was used. 

*What we used to call refuse collectors when I was a child.

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