Welcome to Absurdistan!

By MildlyOffensive


Once you go white and black, you'll never go back. Was that offensive?

Mostly business as usual in the office. Except today I was alone with the software engineers and IT guys. So all the administrative work had to be handled by me. Which meant that I had to deal with the rather uncooperative embassy staff of a certain Middle Eastern axis-of-evil country about some visa issues. Very reluctant, those guys.

Today's object of interest is the acrylic glass canopy roof of the Olympic venues. It was the architectural highlight of the structures built for the 1972 Olympic Summer Games. In the foreground you see the forecourt of the Olympic Stadium. The tree high pylons in the background support the canopy roof above the stadium. To the left is one of its four huge floodlights.

This is my first try at shooting monochrome. The sky was all grey, so I though why not taking an all grey photo. The horizon is not askew, by the way - the architecture of the venues simply doesn't feature any straight lines.

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