Welcome to Absurdistan!

By MildlyOffensive


Chance of rain - feel free to make fun of the German word above.

The weather forecast predicted a high chance of rain. And it rained. A lot. However, lucky me was in the office all day anyway. So at least I didn't miss out on any fun in the sun today (as I did yesterday - damn farm work).

There wasn't much of a chance to take photographs outside. Apart from the downpour the light was rather displeasing. So I decided to take another underground shot after Georg-Brauchle-Ring, Dülferstraße and Candidplatz. This time it's Westfriedhof underground station. The light trails on the left side are caused by an incoming U1 underground train bound for Olympia-Einkaufszentrum. The station Westfriedhof is located underneath the western cemetery and Orpheusstraße (how fitting). The rough walls evoke the feeling of a cave. The 11 huge lamps on the ceiling shine in the colours yellow, red and blue, while the walls are indirectly lit in blue colour.

This station made it rather hard to take a long exposure shot without a tripod. I ended up with laying my camera on the tactile band on the ground.

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