I know.........

It's way to early to even think about it, but the shelves are bulging with merchandise, fairy light sets are twinkling, family tubs of Quality Street et al on offer since late August, so I guess it must be creeping nearer. The baubles came in handy today, plus a recent Elizabeth Shaw mint choccie plastic inner as a filter.
I had a light bulb moment this morning when making a batch of spicy condiment, 'Kipsie's Kick Ass Chilli Ketchup'. What do you think? Kipsie is part of my e.mail address, a nickname that came about from a trip Laos, where the currency is the kip. Doodle the other half of my moniker, coz I do on ocassion doodle. I'm making chutney tomorrow, that should be spicy too. :-D
I did the housework this morning, a job I dislike, but which I seem to do more efficiently when angry. And I was angry... I am sick to the back teeth of nuisance calls, I block as many as I can, now 'they', whoever they are, have resorted to private numbers, which I refuse to answer but my other, not better, half, said I should answer & be pleasant. Sorry! I've done polite, done pleasant, this morning I was downright rude. Got told off for that too. When the phone rings these days, & I'm busy doing something, hands wet, hands muddy, mid cooking, it needs to be important NOT a nuisance caller.
I retreated to the greenhouse, popped a batch of Escallonia 'Gold Brian' cuttings in, then planted up some winter planters with Violas, under planted with dwarf iris & chinodoxa.
Made cauliflower cheese to go with dinner tonight, now enjoying a cider while watching The Chase. Happy days!
Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting Abstract Thursday. This week #filters

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