The Teign estuary

Many boats are moored on the Teign estuary, many properties have the much sought after view, many species of bird enjoy feeding at low tide. I must check the tide times as Yogi & I love walking the estuary at low tide. Weather forecast is'nt looking so good for my house/dogsitting stay with Yogi, but today it was glorious sunshine although a tad chilly when I went up to the plot first thing to pick any veggies that were ready, & they were, I picked runner beans, fine beans, gherkins, & courgettes, plus a bunch of sweetpeas.
Pickings the veggies was the first job of what was going to be a very busy day. I then drove to Newton Abbot to collect Yogi from J's parents who'd looked after him overnight. I gave Mrs M a bunch of sweetpeas. Her favourite flower apparently. We came back via the Coop at Trago mills where I did Mum's shop, plus my bits, planning to go exercise Yogi in the Great Plantation. Arghh!! The plantation entrance is blocked off, so we kept driving towards Bovey Tracey. There's a large park/cricket pitch/ football pitch on the road in. Perfect! A walk around there with the ball which he loves to retrieve ticked that box. I rang Jean while I was parked regarding her gardening. She wanted me to cut the grass, as George was concerned it had'nt been cut, so agreed to go later today. Dropped shopping off at Mum's. She had trouble opening a can of sardines for Indie, a ringpull top which Mum has'nt got the strength to open, so she had attempted it with a can opener which was not a success. Soon rectified. Rang hub by to day I was on my way. "Could I fetch the paper?". Another Coop visit as Spar which would have been quicker had sold out. I picked up the paper, nipped across the road to the Chudleigh Community fridge for some bird bread. Lots of salad in the fridge, baby gem lettuce, spring onions, & more, I had a baby gem & spring onions, then picked up a baguette for Mum, (she blitz's it in her blender to make crumbs. I also picked up a pack of Sheldon's Lancashire oven bottom muffins. Never heard of them but as they were free (sell by date out) I thought I would try them. Got home unpacked shopping, realised I had'nt left Mum her bags of crisps. Damn! Told hubby what was in the fridge for him to eat, but he was'nt really interested. The Hoover oven was kaput! Landlord arrived while I was out, & with hubby's help carried it in, and wired it in. Less options so that should be easier for hubby. :-D We'll see how long the Bosch oven lasts. I made an early lunch for us both. Packed the car with my bits, it was chocka rammed. Yogi on the back seat. It always looks like I'm moving out when I house/dog sit. Food, clothes, walking boots, welly boots too for this trip. A plant I'd promised Carolyn, plus the bag of gardening magazines that I'd forgotten to give her on Monday.  I'd made an extra meal for hubby when we had bangers & mash last night for tonight's hot meal. He did'nt want it. I was'nt going to waste it so that when in the car as well, I'm sure Mum would eat it. I dropped off the bags of crisps, plated meal, & a couple of feeds of runner beans. Drove out to Liverton, did 21/2hrs gardening for G & J, Yogi laying in the sunshine while I worked. Totally forgot to give Jean some veggies until I was half way to Teignharvey. I worked out the shortest route and it worked perfectly, avoiding any heavy traffic. I was driving down a narrow back road when I passed a woman signing into her mobile phone, ahving a deaf/dumb conversation while walking along the roadside (no pavement) which I thought was rather dangerous.
I managed to pull in on the Ringmore road & park to take my blip. I could see a great shot down the estuary while I was waiting at the traffic lights on the Teignmouth side of the bridge, no where to park though so settled for this view.
Wow! The builders are in at Yogi's, the garden has been landscaped, a hot tub, & sauna plus new decking installed but decking area not quite finished. Impressive! I let Yogi in, unpacked the car, sorted all my stuff, then went to inspect the makeover. There is also a Robot lawnmower .... now that is weird!! He, I've forgotten his name, is not keen on mowing apples, so stops and has to be restarted. I've got his personal number which I have to key in if he stops before he gets back to his charging station. He'd stopped. I pressed a few keys, answered correctly, off he went again. I then watched him return to his charging station, manouevering into position, obviously a male driver, took him a couple of attempts. LOL!! Thinking the solution would be to pick the apples, so that's what I did. I picked as many as I could using the ladder without risking coming off. As I was carrying the bags of apples back to the house the robot was off again. Side lights on now in the dimpsy light.
Next dinner .... I was going to make soup but settled for a couple of boiled eggs on a split bap that I toasted.  A  toaster! Another gadget to get my head around .. This is no common or garden toaster, so I burnt the first bap, fortunately I had another. I watched the toaster to avoid a repeat, then over boiled my eggs. Hey ho!!! What would life be without a challenge.

Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting Wide Wednesday #few/many
Too many jobs, too few hours................. that's what it felt like anyway.

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