The second half of life..

By twigs

Like the cat that got the cream.......

.....this tui that got the kowhai pollen was looking and feeling pretty smug with himself.  The last few days I've been hearing a tui in the back garden but each time I've gone out to look, he's been over on the neighbour's side of the kowhai tree.  Today though - my side!  And he stayed plenty long enough for me to get my camera and get quite a few shots.  Most of them aren't great as the kowhai is a pretty 'messy' tree, full of straggly branches, but the plentiful supply of kowhai flowers at the ends of those branches clearly impresses Mr Tui.  He even let me get reasonbly close, though I didn't push my luck as I wanted him to enjoy his feast, not get spooked.  If he's true to the habits of the last few days he should be back again tomorrow around early - mid afternoon.

See extra for his acrobatic determination to get to the pollen - a 180 degree neck twist.......impressive!

Weather remains cool and is set to get even cooler tomorrow as a cold blast makes its way up from the deep south.  Maybe after that passes we'll get some more warm sunshine...?  Sure do hope so.

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