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By Chamaeleo

Horniman: Museum with Friends

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Quite a day... Im and I met her friends at the Horniman Museum in the afternoon which was jolly (*blip*)
BUT, I spent most of it coming down from the shock of seeing a fox grabbing Ida just before 7AM. SHE'S OK, but I didn't know that immediately, and it took me most of the day to reassure myself that she wasn't just not bleeding but also wasn't suffering internal injuries. 
The snatch was so sudden: I saw the rose bush shaking and thought it was rather energetic for Tank, but then the fox emerged, grabbed Ida (the only one not in the paddling pool), and ran for the back of the garden. I leapt up ("NO NO NO NO") and zoomed out to take chase thinking that I'd just see the fox jump over the fence with Ida in its mouth, but it leapt up without her, and I found her flapping in the flax below the fence. I grabbed her but she quickly jumped from my hands and staggered off looking unsteady. I managed to get them all back in their run, but Ida was very static and weak-looking, and wouldn't shake or flap. By the afternoon she was behaving much more normally, and I'm now (a day later) reassured that she's OK. It was so shocking.

Other museum pics here (or right from Portrait of a gallery)

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