By Kipsie

Musical mono Monday

I love the tone of my windchimes.
Quite a successful day. Laundry on the line, housework done, 3 Covid booster jabs booked on by phone app at Dawlish Community hospital for later in the month, lunch done. Hubby & I headed off to the local recycle centre shop, we found 7 assorted pot covers + a RSPB wire fat ball feeder + pretty wire exterior pot cover = £6 Bargain! Just as I was leaving I spotted a preformed waterfall feature, perfect to sit in Mum's leaky pond. "How much please? ".... "£5". Sold to the lady in the pink hat! Hubby reckoned it would need to be cut. I thought it was ideal. We drove back via Mum's to measure up. Nope! Perfect size for sitting inside the existing form with a bit of tweaking from moi. Mum will be happy. She loves to see amphibians in the garden. A job for tomorrow morning.
Thanks to V1K1 for hosting Mono Monday

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