By Pinkhairedlady

Musical memories

Back in 1986, I’d been living in my flat just off Edinburgh’s Dalry road for about 18 months and had joined a community group known as ALP, the Adult Learning Program. The premise was simple - meet weekly and share your knowledge and be willing to help others. Amongst other things I visited a disabled lady in her home to chat and bring shopping, took another members special needs child swimming and jointed the music group. Despite not being very musical, I bought a penny whistle and enjoyed many weeks of great community feeling by learning how to play along with others. The highlight was performing at that year’s Edinburgh fringe. We sang, we played and got a much better reception than we probably deserved. We even recorded some tracks into a tape which is somewhere in my loft.
Suffice to say I’ve barely picked up my whistle since!

So when I saw today’s theme I was inspired to dig out my whistle from its current resting place in the garage. Thanks to V1k1 for hosting.

Didn’t do a lot of note today. Woke up tired as I’m having a run of sleepless nights which will hopefully pass soon and beyond nipping to the supermarket and taking Phin out for a couple of dog walks, I’ve stayed pretty close to home.

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