Life is a Minestrone !!

By bererunner

Strike a pose........!!

I hadn't realised this was a male Peafowl, the male being the Peacock and the female being the Peahen, and just to let you know a baby is called a Pea chick.

The Peafowl is a member of the Pheasant family, commonly know as Phasianidae, thats what Bev and i said straight away this morning when we saw this particular bird, "look at that Phasianidae"..............!!

There are three distinct species of peafowl, two being Asian, the Indian and the Green, the third being the Congo Peafowl, which incidently is the only Peafowl thats capable of proper flight.

The male Indian Peafowl is actually Indias "National Bird", and is the most commonly seen Peacock in the United Kingdom...........

Mr show off here in my image is one of those Indian Peafowl, seemed like a very angry bird when i first approached him, wouldn't have been out of place in the game of the same name.

But in true Madonna style, he struck the pose and gave me his best side to photograph.

Larger image.......

Thanks for looking.


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